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Samsung Galaxy X: Rumors and news leaks

A new rumor suggests we might see the Samsung Galaxy X in December, but that it could have a very high price.

Foldable phones are coming – it’s only a matter of time – and it’s looking increasingly like Samsung could be the first company to commercially launch one, possibly as soon as this year.

We may even know what it’s called, with the mysterious Samsung Galaxy X being the subject of several bendable leaks, foldable patents and flexible rumors.

But whether X marks the spot or not, we’re clearly entering a foldable future. To see how we got here and where we’re going, here’s the story of Samsung’s foldable phone so far.

Samsung’s foldable phone for 2018 is pretty much a done deal — the head of Samsung mobile said so — but will you really want one?

That will depend, for one thing, on what we mean by “foldable.” We’ve seen one Samsung patent application for a handset that bends at the middle so the top of the phone can touch the bottom. Yet it’s the second patent application that seems much more likely to become an actual device, one that can open up to become a mini tablet.

This concept relies on two side-by-side screens that connect with hinges and unfold like a book. Samsung wouldn’t be the first to advance this kind of design. In fact, the ZTE Axon M does the same thing, and is on sale now with US carrier AT&T.

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