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Remax RM-C17 360º Car Air Vent Holder


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REMAX RM-C17 360º Car Air Vent Smartphone Holder – Yellow

  • Fits smartphones up to 6”
  • Doesn’t block line of sight
  • Soft silicone anti-skid material
  • 360 Degrees rotation
  • Angle can be adjusted freely
  • Size: 73 x 28 x 50MM
Package Included:
1x REMAX RM-C17 Car Air vent Holder


REMAX_RM-C17_360º_Car_Air_Vent_Smartphone_Holder (1)

Secure Locking Mechanism

This car holder is placed on the wing of a car air conditioner. No need to worry about car holder apart as the car shook thanks to strong peguncian system.

REMAX_RM-C17_360º_Car_Air_Vent_Smartphone_Holder (4)

Safe Your Drive

This car holder is very important for those who frequently use the GPS while driving, making you able to see easily and avoid accidents.
REMAX_RM-C17_360º_Car_Air_Vent_Smartphone_Holder (2)

Universal Holder

Holder can be set according to the size of a smartphone so that it can be used for many types of smartphones.

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